For cargo owners


To improve services Ltd. "VITrans" offers service with the rank of master freight forwarder your company's long-term (framework) treaties, which reflect:

1. The volume of services;
2. Delivery Routes;
3. Mutual responsibility;
4. The guarantees of performance;
5. Duration of the contract (monthly, quarterly, annually);
6. Fixed price carriage within a specified period of the contract;
7. Additional services (if necessary): customs, storage, insurance, etc.

The practice of cooperation on a contractual basis with a freight forwarding company, some general freight forwarder, has successfully tested, there is a world of experience, which is applied by many shippers and consignees.

This suggests that serious companies are interested in providing high quality transportation services.

The advantages of this collaboration include:

1. Fixed price of carriage within the term of the contract, allowing cargo to minimize losses from changes in prices and holds these risks to the forwarder. Duty forwarder in all circumstances to perform the contract.
2. Characteristics of the goods, the conditions of carriage, delivery routes and the responsibility of the forwarder are described in detail in the contract (and possibly as separate attachments to the contract for each carriage), for a particular consignment, a specific cargo. This allows forwarder better fulfill the order, but also increases its responsibility to the consignee.
3. Operational information and interaction cargo forwarder, in the framework of the treaty, allows both strategic and detailed plan transportation, a long-term plan of downloads that can eliminate the delay of dispatch and receipt of the goods, that is time and optimize the delivery.
4. Forwarder, while providing the customer additional services (customs, insurance, warehouse) as part of the contract, will also seek to their rapid and quality optimization (choice of customs clearance, insurance, overload, the development of the route, and others). This proposal is particularly advantageous for the Carriage of Goods prefabricated, thus affecting the speed of delivery.
5. Ultimately, freight forwarders takes the part of officers executed department at the customer engaged in interaction with the freight companies. We let decongest your team in full is not characteristic of functions relating transport-expedition activities.

Company Ltd. "VITrans" accepts the obligations of full maintenance and quality technical support of the transport of goods your company for a certain period of time. Thus, we, in the conclusion of a long-term contract must be agreed upon and only fix the price of carriage for a specified period, which will lead to further cooperation, with minimum risk on the part of the customer.