Automobile transporting

‘VITrans’ Ltd provides:

- organisation of cargo transporting by automobiles ‘from door to door’ with the usage of any type of rolling-stocks (tent, refrigerators, tanks, open grounds)

- for the transporting accomplishing attracts both Belarusian and foreign transporters. It depends on the possibilities and the cost of services of transporters

- organisation of transporting of dangerous cargos according to ADR convention


- organisation of transporting of large-sized cargos with the attraction of specialized rolling-stocks, highly-qualified consultants who are responsible for the cargo loading, getting all the necessary permissions on the all transit territories.

- providing of consults about the possibility of definite cargo types and necessity of getting permission of export, import, transit;

- organisation of transporting of custom cargos without any guarantees for customs from the client (According to the licence of custom transporters with the use of ÌÄÏ book)

Main trends of our business are:

Eastern and Western Europe states: Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Chez Republic, Switzerland.

Scandinavian and Baltic states: Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

CIS states: Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Central Asia states